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iOS 7 Update:

Posted 11 years ago by duckycamadmin

iOS 7 came out today and it’s probably the biggest update to iOS since the beginning.

Unfortunately, the changes in iOS 7 are big enough that the current version of DuckyCam, i.e. version 1.4 does not work in iOS 7.

We have submitted version 1.5 of DuckyCam to Apple with support for iOS 7, and it works on iOS 6 too. It also has Front Camera support and support for Importing of Videos.

However, Apple is experiencing a large backlog these days and it is reportedly taking twice as long to review apps. We are certainly experiencing this delay, but we hope they will get around to us soon.

We suggest that everyone export all videos from DuckyCam before upgrading to iOS 7. In addition, you should of course always back up your device to iTunes or iCloud before upgrading to a new OS.

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