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iOS 7 Update #3: Export working again! + Automatic updates.


Export to Camera Roll in iOS 7 has been fixed! Video export to Facebook was not affected by this issue. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience. The cause of the export problem was a small and inexplicable … Continue reading

iOS 7 update #2: New version 1.5 is ready in the App Store!


We are happy to announce that version 1.5 is available in the app store, just a day after iOS 7 was released. Version 1.5 of DuckyCam brings: iOS 7 as well as iOS 6 support. Front and back camera support. … Continue reading

iOS 7 Update:


iOS 7 came out today and it’s probably the biggest update to iOS since the beginning. Unfortunately, the changes in iOS 7 are big enough that the current version of DuckyCam, i.e. version 1.4 does not work in iOS 7. … Continue reading

Front Camera


We have been busy with the new iOS7 upgrade this week but you will be pleased to know that there will be a Front Camera available on our next update. Now older kids can record themselves imitating the new sounds … Continue reading

Lets hear them ROOOAR!!!!


Capturing your child’s attention is one of the main features of DuckyCam. And its proving to be popular amongĀ our Parents and their kids. Because we want to keep your little ones engaged we have decided to add more sounds to … Continue reading